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Why Get Brand Development With An Agency Local To Harrogate?

Creating a Brand Identity is one of the most fascinating and complex things I can do as a digital designer. It requires practical skills as well as an understanding of Marketing and consumer psychology. But, I am here stating the case for the little guy, not the big-city studios and agencies. This is a blog post asking you to give the little guy a chance; specifically someone in Harrogate. Ultra-specifically Andrew Backhouse Design….

The practice of branding is far from new. Even as far back as early man we were daubing things on objects to signify property, to signify a person’s political or religious power. Egyptian Pharaohs marked their tombs with hieroglyphs and the Norse branded their cattle with hot irons – a practice continued today by American cowboys, and others..

A Brand is far more than a logo or a name, symbol or trademark: it is an un-written contract that the goods will deliver the standard of quality that you associate with the products – it is consistent quality every time a product is bought. Through Branding, Brands seek to connect emotionally with their clients so they are the first and only choice for an upgrade or a refresh.

Good branding creates life-long relationships.

The whole brand creation journey has consequently become vital to the success of a business and its products.

In its simplest form, Branding is about creating differentiation, making one service seem different from competitor products. It is to give it personality. According to the Social Psychologist Jennifer AAker; there are a set human characteristics that help define a brand’s character.

  1. Sincerity; domestic, honest, genuine & cheerful.
  2. Excitement; daring, spirited, imaginative, up to date.
  3. Competence; reliable, responsible, dependable, efficient.
  4. Sophistication; glamorous, pretentious, charming, romantic.
  5. Ruggedness; tough, strong, outdoorsy

So, I have stated my case for working with an Independent / Freelance designer in the past; you will only be dealing with one person, not an office. The turn around will be quicker than a bigger, city based agency.You will pay a lot less because of lower overheads. I go in to it more HERE but I will let you hunt that down. This Blog post is about why Harrogate businesses need to think about branding, moving forward – thee are plenty of good studios in this town, Independent designers who can help you with your work – I would like to put my name in the hat + I am cheap as chips!

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