Why Hire A Freelancer In Harrogate?

Simply put – it is a gig-economy when you are a freelancer. Employ one, like me, when you need the work doing and then you will not need to hear from them again until you need further work. Since the advent of the Internet, the ability for businesses to hire freelancers as opposed to full-time or part-time employees has greatly increased – much to the benefit of businesses everywhere. While freelancers aren’t suited for every job and position, hiring them for the ones they are suited for comes with some major advantages. In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the top advantages for hiring a freelancer, like myself, for your business.

Freelancers Excel at Short-Term Projects

It’s hard to justify a business hiring an employee for a project that will only take a few weeks to complete. However, many businesses often find themselves needing someone to complete short-term projects such as this. The good news is that freelancers make their living with short-term projects and are they are perfectly suited to get them done.

Say, for instance, that you needed a redesign of your current website, but don’t intend to design it again for a couple of years. Hiring a full-time or even part-time web designer, in this instance, would not be prudent. However, hiring a freelancer for this one-off project is a perfect solution. Should you need to produce a redesign after the initial project, you can always go back to them again. In the meantime, though, you are not having to pay the wages of someone who you have no work to assign for long periods of time.

Broader Experience

A successful freelancer who has been in the business for several years, like Andrew Backhouse Design, will likely have worked with dozens if not hundreds or thousands of different individuals and companies of all sizes. When you employ a freelancer, they bring a broad range of experience that many traditional employees lack.

While there is some benefit to working with one company for a long time and learning it inside out, there’s also plenty of benefits to working with many different companies, picking up invaluable information, tips, and strategies from them along the way – growing your skillset. Hiring a freelancer allows you to leverage the knowledge and experience of someone who has likely worked under a multitude of successful companies and put that experience to work for your business. Chances are, they made ‘that’ company successful.

Working Independently

Freelancers, more than other types of employee, are fully accustomed to working fully solo – reliably in their pyjamas at home. They aren’t able to rely on extensive training, mentors, and the experience of their coworkers, and therefore they typically require much less hand-holding than a new employee.

If you want someone who will hit the ground running from the very start of your project as opposed to someone who is used to relying on others to assist them, then hiring a freelancer like Andrew Backhouse Design is the way to go.

Speed of Work Done // Working Quickly

Good freelancers know it is in their own best interest to deliver results quickly. This is especially true if you choose to pay your freelancer a set wage based on the project as opposed to an hourly rate. There is no benefit for a freelancer to drag their feet and juice the clock. Instead, successful freelancers make their living by doing great work and doing it fast. If you need a project delivered quickly, leave it to a freelancer like Andrew Backhouse Design to get it done quick sharp.

Are Freelancers Any Good?

Good freelancers have plenty of incentive to deliver high quality work. When you hire a freelancer, both their reputation and their chances of getting repeat business from you are on the line. There is no comfy hand out if they get it wrong. Reputation and repeat business are things that successful freelancers live by, and they know that the only way to secure these two things is to go above and beyond expectations, which is what I aim to do.

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