Why I Have Set Myself A Challenge

I have set myself a challenge. My aim for 2021 is to write a post every day on my personal Blog, Ijo Pona.

You may be asking why I have set myself a challenge – and, indeed – if it is a challenge?

What would the challenge be? To write a post 365 days of the year for 2021. What would the outcome be? I will be on the path to find my own creative voice.

A challenge is a good thing for everyone to do – set yourself manageable goals and take baby steps. If you have never been for a jog then attempting a marathon the next day would be foolhardy. But, take baby steps, be kind to yourself – let yourself succeed.

If you want to follow the Blog post through out 2021 on my personal blog, Ijo Pona, the please see the #365BlogChallenge Tag I have created for the posts on the site by clicking HERE.

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