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An Alternative To Blogging For Business: I am very keen to encourage my clients to blog about their business – it gives a personable and approachable feel to a business and it keeps people up to date with developments in the business – But not everybody has the time and inclination for Blogging about their work. I started to look for alternatives to the traditional blogging model to trial a solution.

Blogging is a great tool to disseminate information and news about your business – it works so that people see it a Newsletter without the spam. Indeed, as a personal blogger (Ijo Pona) I enjoy writing and keeping a ‘Public Diary” – A web log.

When you are writing a blog post for business – it really helps with something called Long Tail Seo – so if you blog about three types of green apples that you sell then the chances of being found on the web for a search about three types of green apples heightens.

But, a blog is also a great way of keeping people in the loop on developments within your business and to keep potential customers abreast of offers and deals. A case study could be The Champagne Concept, on Oxford Street (www.thechampagneconcept.co.uk).

The proprietor needed a way of keeping his site’s visitors abreast of developments in store and online – he was quite pro-active on Facebook but not all of his clients were checking the FB feed. So, I embedded his Facebook feed on his site – have a look at this page here. This could be a good solution for my clients who need to keep their client base informed about developments – an alternative to blogging for business. If you want me to do something similar for your WordPress site then please let me know and get in contact.


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