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Fair enough – I admit it, I am running out of things to do. I am sleepless tonight. I admit insomnia strikes every now and then (three times a week?) but it is normally because I have something to do the following day. The excitement of things gets in the way of sleep. By 5am it is like a grey blanket of fog that smothers the senses. Still, it has led me to an interesting thing that I found on Twitter. The building dubbed The London Tulip. I’m up for your opinion on this …

The London Tulip, if planning goes ahead, will become the tallest building in London at 1,000 Feet Tall. It is designed to be a centre for tourism and education. Letting people who would go without life-changing experience have a life-changing experience until it becomes run of the mill.

I’m quite enamoured with the pseudo-phallic design of the building. It will feature internal slides and moving transparent pods running outside the building for visitors to ride in.

Foster + Partners, the architects which have designed the flower-like building, say they want it to complement the Gherkin next door which the firm also designed. The 590ft (180m) tower is officially known as 30 St Mary Axe, its street address.

The company’s founder and executive chair Norman Foster claimed the Tulip would be a “cultural and social landmark” – according to the BBC. Jacob J Safra, whose Bury Street Properties company is funding the project, added: “The Tulip’s elegance and soft strength complements the iconic Gherkin.”

If planning permission for the unusually-shaped building is permitted, the companies say construction would begin in 2020 with the project completed by 2025.

I have the memory of playing a computer game called SIM CITY 2000. In the future (back then the distant future was the year 2015) we all lived in pods in buildings like the Tulip – there was a hack to the game where you could get unlimited funds and then you would be able to fast-forward the time of your City, so progress was in double time and you would end up with lots of pods.

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