✍️ Fuel For The Journey

You made it to the beginning.

Where is the fuel to keep us going? What emotion fuels us to work as we do?

Anger gets you only so far, and then it destroys you. Jealousy might get you started, but will fade. Greed seems like a good idea until you soon realise it eliminates all of your joy.

For me it is about curiosity, generosity and connection. These are the three foundations of my design process. These emotions are tools to make things better and create something new on behalf of those who will use it to create the next thing.

Through my design process, I have found that Human connection is exponential; it scales as we create it, weaving together culture and possibility where none used to exist.

So, as a result, I have built up such a community of clients that it really is a blessing – so, if you have anything you need me to do, I hope I have portrayed myself as approachable.

Your local internet guy – available to help, anytime.

Speak soon?

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