Why Designers Love Helping Small Businesses

In this blog post I hope to write a bit about why I love helping small businesses and start ups. I admit this is a personal point of view – but the general theme can be translated right across the industry. Designers love helping startups and designers love helping small businesses. Here is why…


I am happy helping the small guys – they share the same values (ethics?) and there is the hype of seeing my work in town. But maybe you don’t need me yet?

Maybe, you just need  to go in to Google Fonts, type your name and there is your design. “Why does (your town) need another (your business?)?” If you do not know the answer to this then there is no need for me yet – you need to focus on your product and then come back to me when you are more established.

I have had a heap of people come to me, shaking, saying they need a logo. I liken it to going to a doctor’s surgery and asking for a prescription without having had a check up. You would need to explain your pain points.

Designers love helping small businesses because there is so much freedom to achieving the end result. But, I may not be needed and because I have low overheads I can tell the would-be client they don’t yet need me; it is about matching up your ethics.

If I was a twenty year old designer, I would shout “I am going to move to New York to work with Coca Cola!”

But, I am a forty year old designer – there is no way I am moving to New York and there is no way I would take on Coca Cola on my portfolio (you heard it here first!).

I am happy being the The Local Design Guy. I have found my niche and I am comfortable being where I am.

When I am employed by one of Harrogate’s great local businesses to help them with the design of something – I have so much scope for freedom of expression that I am able to work uninhibited.

If I had moved out to New York then I would have had to adhere to the escalating Brand Guidelines of massive corporations and that would not sit well. I am happy seeing my work in town.

I am unsure – maybe I should not have read Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance again. But, I am happy being the local design guy – I hope you are happy with it too.

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