Why I Use LeadInfo – Keeping Tabs On Who Visited Your Website

98% of your website visitors don’t leave a trace. With Leadinfo you can identify your website visitors and turn them into revenue. No more waiting for incoming emails, calls or contact forms. Let their lead generation software work for your company! It is rare I am galvanised in to becoming an advocate of a third party company – but, Leadinfo are working magic.

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With Leadinfo you can track your marketing campaigns and export data for your offline and online campaigns. You have access to valuable data, like name and address information, industry information, number of employees and all registered visitor data. It makes it a lot easier to direct your energies – I am no longer shouting in the void!

Use their real-time software and you won’t get any complicated statistics. View your website visitors like you view your e-mail. It is that simple. Leadinfo show an extensive company profile about every visitor, which will help you to close your sale.

Their powerful dashboard shows you valuable information at a glance, which you can use to drive your strategy. For example, are you targeting the right industry based on our data?

The Leadinfo software is easy to use for your sales and marketing staff. The design of their dashboard keeps everything clear, thanks to the functionality of adding labels and conversation history. It is a cinch to set up – I spent around half an hour today that will save me months of future work. Use triggers to automatically identify hot leads and existing customers. You can use custom made Lead Generation Forms to attract the attention of your website visitors if you want, but, I may (may not) stick with the Drip form you see on this page.

In short, Leadinfo enrich the company data with additional information. You will know who did what on your website when you sign up to them.

Their software really is everything I hoped it would be and I am getting behind them. So, if you want help being guided for your B2B Marketing – get in contact with me and I will help by pointing you in the correct direction.

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