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As an digital designer, my priority is to deliver exceptional and tailored website design solutions to clients throughout Yorkshire and the United Kingdom. I take great pride in my work and believe in providing high-quality services without any hidden agendas. Recognising the significance of establishing a robust online presence, I am dedicated to assisting businesses and individuals in accomplishing their digital objectives.

To ensure transparency and boost your confidence in your decision to choose my services, I have outlined my pricing structure below. By continuing to read this page, you will gain a deeper understanding of the reasoning behind my pricing approach.

Logo Design

Having a captivating and memorable logo is crucial in establishing a strong brand identity. To assist you in leaving a lasting impression, I have a sister business named Launch Logos. Launch Logos is a specialized logo design studio renowned for creating distinctive and visually appealing logos that align with your brand’s personality and values.

With my Logo Design service, you can expect the following:

  • A dedicated consultation to discuss your brand, target audience, and design preferences.
  • Three initial logo design concepts to choose from.
  • Up to two rounds of revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Final logo files provided in multiple formats, including vector files suitable for both print and digital media.

It’s important to note that this Logo Design service can be added to any of the web design prices mentioned earlier or incorporated as part of a customised quote tailored to your specific requirements. By choosing to collaborate with Launch Logos, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a freelancer dedicated to delivering a logo that truly captures the essence of your brand.

For further information about Launch Logos, please visit www.launchlogos.co.uk.

Website Maintenance and Support

To ensure that your website continues to perform the best it can and that it remains secure, I offer a range of maintenance and support plans tailored to your specific needs.

Regular updates and maintenance are crucial for keeping your website’s software and security spam free and up-to-date, as well as addressing any issues that may arise over time. You can choose from one of the following plans:

  1. Monthly Maintenance Plan – £35/month

Recommended for small businesses and professionals who require occasional updates and maintenance, the Monthly Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Regular software updates
  • Security monitoring and updates
  • One scheduled content update per month
  • Performance optimisation
  • Technical support via email or phone
  1. Weekly Maintenance Plan – £50/month

Ideal for businesses with more frequent content updates or those requiring ongoing technical support, the Weekly Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Regular software updates
  • Security monitoring and updates
  • Weekly scheduled content updates
  • Performance optimisation
  • Technical support via email or phone
  1. Daily Maintenance Plan – £100/month (Recommended for eCommerce)

Designed specifically for eCommerce websites. The Daily Maintenance Plan offers comprehensive support to ensure the smooth functioning of your online store. This plan includes:

  • Daily software updates
  • Security monitoring and updates
  • Daily scheduled content updates, including product listings, inventory management, and promotions
  • Performance optimisation for faster load times and improved user experience
  • Priority technical support via email, phone, or chat

Please note that these maintenance and support plans can be added to any of the packages mentioned above or included as part of a customised quote based on your unique requirements.

Social Media Integration

In today’s digital era, establishing a robust social media presence is vital for both businesses and individuals.

Through my social media plan, I will seamlessly integrate your social media profiles with your website, ensuring a unified online presence and facilitating effortless content sharing. This integration will enable your website visitors to connect with your brand across various platforms, thereby enhancing user engagement and fostering a sense of community.

The Social Media Integration service includes:

  1. Linking your social media profiles (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) to your website.
  2. Adding social sharing buttons to your website’s blog posts and pages, enabling easy content sharing on social media platforms.
  3. Customizing the appearance of social media icons to match the design of your website, ensuring visual consistency.
  4. Embedding social media feeds, such as your Twitter timeline or Instagram gallery, directly onto your website if desired.

Please be aware that this service can be added to any of the packages mentioned before or included in a personalised quote tailored to your specific needs.

Web Design Prices In 2023!

Website Design Pricing in 2023 is a bit of a hot potato. You need to take in to account the calibre of the designer as well as the job in hand. I have a proven track record of helping 100s of businesses and individuals find their niche online since I have turned freelance. Maybe it is your turn? Get in contact.

How Much For A Website?

I am trying to make web design as accessible as possible – so, I do not charge the earth or expect you to sell a kidney to fund the site. But, I will say, a good website is an investment in your business. A good website will be the public face where your future clients will see what you are about before they decide to engage with you or not.

What Makes You Charge This Amount for a Website?

For a rule of thumb about my web design prices – I charge an hourly rate of £35/hour. But, I use project-based pricing. When you get in contact with me I can supply a quote for the complete project. This means that there will not be a sting in the tail when things are dragging out if they do.

The above quotes roughly shows the multiples of £35/hour it takes for me to build a website. So, If I think it will take 10 hours to build a website, I would charge you £350. I will not go over my quote – If I quote for a ten-hour build (at £350 for the site) and it actually takes 15 hours then you would still just pay the £350 for the ten-hour build that I quoted.

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