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by | May 15, 2018

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I’m quite pleased with how this turned out – I have a record label called Focused Silence. There is a CD coming out on the label and we are putting on a gig to showcase the work in its fullest form. The gig will be down in London at S. Augustine’s Church, Kilburn Road. Here is a map to the venue if you are interested.

S. Augustine

The event is billed as a new paradigm in sound exploration – a bold claim, but one that holds true. Through a speaker set up and a Kyma System time and space are used in the composition. Chris Parmenidis is a clever lad & I needed to help with the poster. I am very happy with how the poster turned out.

Using a Grid System, I laid out where everything was going, observing the rules of proportion. The orange feature is supplied by G. Parmenidis, the visual artist. I match to contrast the green and the orange giving a harmonious disruption, to coin a phrase.

The gig is on Saturday 13th October and I hope to see some familiar faces there. If you need anything similar doing let me know, my contact details are in the footer of this page.

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