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I admit this is a personal website I built for myself, but it is so striking to look at. I love how the red accentuates the contrasting purple and white.

Me and a good friend are gigging DJs and we play out quite a bit. We needed a web presence to help with the booking process.


I wanted to design myself a website that allowed me to be booked as a DJ. I DJ’d for decades -s sometimes professionally and holding residencies, sometimes as a gig and a one-off event. But, they are always fun.

Time Line

December 2022

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Testing to see if it was mobile responsive.
  • Working with the hosting company to deliver a quick site.
  • I gave myself free-reign; I wanted to create for the joy of creation and show people what I can do as a DJ and a designer without client feedback.

Project Brief

I am an elector DJ. I play clubs and warehouse raves. I have been DJ’ing on and off for twenty years – with some success!

I created a visually striking website that was not based on the whims of a client – I could do as I wish with this website. I let rip!

I built this site all in a browser – I did not have anybody to answer to and I could really let my imagination flow; it was a joy to work on and a very quick build.

I needed to present the information in a coherent, navigable fashion for club promoters and event makers.

Designing Solutions

My aim was to provide an intuitive, frictionless viewing process. I needed to make it obvious what I did as a DJ and make the contact points site-wide. This resulted in a footer that had a social media link – it runs through the whole site.

Next Steps

What are the next steps?

Well, there is no need for a handover; I am happy to keep on running it, it is a passion project – I love good design in all aspects, and this is a micro-facet.

Very, very happy with how this turned out.


If it helps keep the lights on then it is a good thing – plus it keeps me out of mischief.

I am often practicing my mixing at Creao Studio, Harrogate; if you need a place to make a noise I recommend there.

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