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Fiona Hunt, at AitchCo Copywriting, is a Harrogate-based copywriter for the Arts. She deals with content creation for some quite big names. I had worked on a few sites for Fiona over the past few months, having been contacted by her August-time. She was a joy to work with!


I believe Fiona certainly had a vision in her head for the site – I worked independently on this, liaising online through the Basecamp app. All of our communication was kept to one focus point which ticked all of my boxes. After a series of designs we settled on the current incarnation of the site.

Time Line

February 2023

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Implementing somebody else’s vision
  • Working remotely
  • Working digitally, online
  • Deliver a site to spec
  • Optimise the SEO so it is a found destination
  • Convey the service Fiona offers

Project Brief

I was recommended to Fiona by word of mouth through another client in the Arts.

Fiona had a domain and she had the beginnings of a website. But, it was all getting a bit on top of her – Fiona was trying to build the site and was running out of time in the week to dedicate thought to it properly.

Fiona hired me to take the strain of building the site off her shoulders. She wanted someone knowledgable enough to translate what was in her hear to pixels and points in the browser.

That is when she contacted me.


Once again, this is a WordPress build. It was made in the browser and made to fit all browsers, regardless of device.

The project was a conversation between us that lasted the prescribed length.

I would edit the site, feed back to Fiona and then Fiona would respond.

The response was between other jobs that Fiona was doing – so, she did not have to step out of her office to speak with me.

Designing Solutions

Fiona needed a web page that is found – she is a copywriter for the Arts and she needed an web-presence that showed who her past clients were and why they had chosen to work with Fiona – so there would be wrigglers and Fiona would have a new client base. Think of this website as one big business card – one that people all over the world are searching for.

Next Steps

The site was built behind a Maintenance screen – so there is no need to transfer it to another server or wait for it to go live. After all it is live now.

There is room for growth on the site, though. I am available to create a page-per-service, which would be great for SEO.


This site was built between Fiona’s hectic schedules. She is a force of nature, and it was awesome to see her do her thing – so I wish Fiona and AitchCo Copy the best in the future. 

I am available to help with any improvements should they be needed. But, I am quite proud of this one…

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