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by | Oct 21, 2018

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experiMENTALien is a good friend – he is a very creative guy who makes music. As a hobby, I run a record label in my spare time and I will be releasing this album on Halloween 2018.

This album is a mash-up of field recordings. Processed and effected so that it gives the illusion that you have extra-sensory perception.

You could say that the Modus Operandi for experiMENTALien is that he is from another Galaxy. One of the motives for him making music is that he is making notes about life on Earth to file as reports for his home planet. Who am I to argue?

“TeTraTulpa” is a series of field recordings, taken around his hometown, on a smartphone – it is an incredibly lo-fi album but the charm prevails.

For the cover, I used a font I created earlier in the year and took a picture of a Holy man and made his image look like it was lifted from an old VHS Tape.

The album is called “TeTraTulpa” or “Telepathically Transformed Tulpa” – a Tulpa is the ‘treasure’ a Buddhist Lama predicts will be uncovered in their next life – often their own reincarnation. experiMENTALien loved the idea of someone being telepathically transformed.

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