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Ruth Lee is a jobbing photographer.

She covers weddings and celebratory occasions. There was a need to display her past work as well as he prices and a method to contact her.

Ruth owned the domain. I needed to build something during Lockdown that worked with her schedule.


Design Lead, Designer, Explainer

Time Line

Jul 2020

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Testing
  • Iteration
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Journey Map
  • Task Flows
  • Interaction Map
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Wire Frame
  • Build
  • Deploy

Project Brief

Ruth needed a website to show people what she was capable of – she is a jobbing photographer covering Life events in the Harrogate area.

There needed to be her prices on the website – this was to stop tire kickers. So, if someone got in contact with her then they would know the price of a shoot and Ruth could close with a sale.

There needed to be a way for people to get in contact with Ruth. This is so that people can book her – it may seem obvious but it is necessary.

tools of UX

I built this site all in browser – relying on User research. I was given free reign to come up with an initial design and then we would iterate. It was a fun build.

I decided on a site with neutral colours, to compliment the wedding photography that Ruth does – I figure the photos need to stand out and Ruth’s bread and butter is wedding photography.

Ruth also photographs portraits and parties – she is so talented.

Designing Solutions

My aim was to provide an intuitive, frictionless viewing process. I needed to make it obvious what Ruth did and who she did it for – I needed plain points of contact. I needed a functioning, clear menu and price points laid out, accessible from the menu.

Next Steps

Ruth took me up on a website maintenance programme. So, in exchange for a small amount of money, I host the site and I stop the site from getting hacked, whilst keeping spam at bay.

There was a plan to have further social media channels linked. But, we will see that when it happens.


Think of this as Ruth’s digital calling card – her own part of the internet where she can show her artwork.

I wish her every luck with hr business.

It was a fun site to work on – plenty of micro-animations showing the photos to their best.

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