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Chris Moss has been show-cased for several years at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and has been featured in Landscape Magazine. Chris has been teaching workshops for the past fifteen years.


Full Stack Web Design

Time Line

July 2021

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Client Onboarding
  • Familiarising Folk With Tech
  • Designing A Logo
  • Building A Site
  • Hosting A Site
  • Deploying a Site
  • Maintaining a Site

Project Overview

I was recommended by a mutual friend on Facebook – Chris reached out on Fb and we struck up a conversation. Chris was in need of a digital HQ – a place to sell workshop tickets and to showcase past work. We used Basecamp for the setup on this one.

Researching The Browsing Experience

This was done through c interviews and Analytics. I then went about and put pen to paper to flesh out a few ideas. Chris needed a portfolio for her work – a worthy frame.
Client feedback helped provide some interesting insights into the goals, the context of use and pain points users often face when searching online for sculptures and ability to commission one. I learned that the majority of visits to the app were to see what the artist had been up to.

Defining The Problem

Chris needed an online HQ – why were people reaching out to her on Social Media? I needed a good place to keep her work live and for the ability to sell workshop tickets.
Clustering the qualitative research data into groups showed consistent themes in where social media went wrong. I saw that other sculptors sites’ efforts to help users browse and plan their commissions were well received, but that all the achieved was to underwhelm the user. Most artist do the site themselves – they are not website designers.

Design Problems

My next step was to move into the design phase and to begin thinking about possible solutions. Research had shown that users had a strong idea of what they think an artist’s site should look like, so I primarily focused on getting rid of snags that the user would hit.
I then began sketching and iterating on possible solutions for the different screens that the site would have. To do this, I began by determining the high level navigation for the App in very rough sketches, before refining the best ideas and moving on to sketching out full screens and interactions necessary to complete the primary flow.

Designing Solutions

My aim was to provide an intuitive, frictionless viewing process that offers new features for the specific use cases of returning customers to ‘frame’ the sculptures in as good a light as possible.

Home Page & Menu

A simple set up was made so that people could keep heading back to the home page and easily access the pages of the site.

Gallery Page

One page, one function – I created a Gallery Page that can be easily up dated with new works. This is because Chris is still working away and need to put the best images on the site. I created a website that ‘framed’ her work.

Contact Page

In many ways this is the most important page on this build – It also has a FAQ; Chris would be asked the same questions a lot of the time. So a FAQ Page was tagged on to the Contact Page.

This page will enable Chris to gain commissions and for curators and collectors to contact her. I have also place Chris’ Social Media links around the site.

Next Steps

Chris signed up to the new maintenance package – so, people will keep on returning to her website and so that people are not met by a dead end, I will keep on keeping her site up to date and maintain it for her.


We met online, worked through the Pandemic and have yet to meet in person; it was a truly digital experience and one that I am grateful for; Chris was a joy to work for.

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