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So then, the musical group I am in, Guerrilla Dub System, have our fifth EP due out on April 6th 2018. You can listen to a mashup of the EP below. I was tasked with the design of the cover for the digital downloads of the EP.

The EP will be called “Dubucation” and will be out on CREAO Studio’s label. Comprising of three tracks, the playlist is as follows –

  1. Apocalypse Dub
  2. P-Skank
  3. Learning (feat. Mad Professor)

Quite chuffed with the output of this EP. The tracks were all recorded at Creao Studio in Harrogate, of which I built their website – LINK HERE – all our music is recorded up there.

So, here is the cover. The sketch of the lady was composed using a Bamboo Graphics Tablet and the fonts were to give the impression of the old school calculators we used to use, whilst at the same time not being authoritarian; they are BRUTALIST FONT and HELVETICA (for the name of the band) –


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