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I had been asked by the management of RETRO Bar, Harrogate to design a poster for a series of upcoming events. The cause for celebration was actually me DJing. I am a recording artist and I have been at the top of the charts twice on 2017. The night is put on by Jason Mawer and will be growing over the next few months.

The design is quite a complex one with multiple gradients, a stencilled in Lion motif and textured background. All of the text was supplied to me so all I had to do was copy it in and make the design aesthetically pleasing.

The poster is designed so that it can be shared on Facebook and also designed so that it can be printed up by a professional printer firm for distribution around town – in take-aways and the like.

Below, you can see a low-res copy of the poster: why is it low-resolution? Well, I am currently blogging this from a recording studio – my band mate, Allan, is mixing down some stems and I am listening back to the resulting track to see if it cuts the mustard: we seem on course for our fifth EP.

who can design a nightclub flyer harrogate

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