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Futuresound is the biggest gig promoter in West Yorkshire.

They have the lion’s share of booking considerable talent for Leeds and Yorkshire. The also run Slamdunk, the pop-punk festival, in Leeds and they run Leeds Live, too.

They needed a website to advertise job opportunities.


Designing a website for a careers portal.

Time Line

March 2022

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Testing
  • Iteration
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Journey Map
  • Task Flows
  • Interaction Map
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Build
  • Deploy

Project Brief

I was contacted by R.O. from Futuresound regarding a new build. They needed an online portal to showcase their prospective openings. Not everyone benefits from a university education and there are several ways in to the music industry. The website I built future sound shows this, with case studies.

The site needed to appeal to school leavers and keep them focused on the opportunity offered.

I built this site all in browser – relying on User Feedback (a school in Leeds) and feedback from the owner. This was all done online, with no f2f contact.

We decided on large text and with a focus on mobile usability. A lot of the users of the site will be school age and mobile accessibility was a must.

Designing Solutions

My aim was to provide an intuitive, frictionless viewing process. I needed to make it obvious where the prices Kathryn charged were and I needed plain points of contact. I needed a functioning, clear menu.

Next Steps

A hand-over with instructional videos is needed.

I have built the site but now I need to show Futuresound how to run the thing.


The site fulfils the brief. I needed to make a careers website for school leavers and keep them on the website. there will be ample scope for revision later down the line.

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