Free Font: Girder

Unleash your creativity with Girder, a free, exclusive geometric, retro font that resurrects the spirit of the 1920s and breathes it into your projects. Crafted with a respectful nod to the iconic silent film Metropolis, Girder reimagines a bygone era’s aesthetic to infuse your designs with a touch of timeless sophistication and charm.

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Metropolis, the masterpiece of 1920s German Expressionist cinema, stands as one of the defining pillars of the sci-fi genre. Girder draws heavily from this influential film’s geometric and industrial design, translating it into a font that tells a story of its own.

Font Description

Girder is a display font that combines stark geometrical shapes with elements of Art Deco and industrial design, mirroring the spirit of 1920s urban architecture and cinematic style. Its letterforms feature strong, bold lines, and shapes inspired by steel girders, hence the name, “Girder.”

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Try The ‘Girder’ Font


1. Unique Character: As a nod to the Metropolis film’s inspiration, Girder manages to blend a retro-futuristic vibe with strong geometric shapes, producing a unique character and visual appeal.

2. Extensive Glyph Set: Girder comes with an extensive glyph set to suit your design needs. It includes uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, and special characters, making it incredibly versatile.

3. English-Language Support: Designed for English use, Girder supports the English Language (Latin Alphabet), allowing creators to connect with audiences around the world.

4. Optimised for Display Use: While Girder excels as a headline and title font, it also maintains readability at quite small sizes, making it adaptable to various design contexts.

5. Free to Use: Despite its premium look and feel, Girder is entirely free. It’s our way of empowering creators to bring their ideas to life without financial barriers.


Girder’s bold and unique aesthetic makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including poster design, logos, branding, website headers, editorial design, and more. Its modern interpretation of the 1920s art deco style will bring a distinctive touch to your projects.

Download Now

Unlock the power of the past to inspire the designs of the future. Download Girder, the free geometric, retro font today and let your designs speak volumes.

Note: While Girder is free for both personal and commercial use, we appreciate credits and love to see what you create with it. Do tag us in your creations and spread the word about this unique font!