Ian Moss DoP

~ Cinematographer.

I was contacted by Ian regarding updating his previous site – Ian had a Squarespace site that needed a bit of TLC. I offered to try and build him a WordPress site. There is so much more you can do with a WordPress site than you can do with Squarespace of Wix – if you do not know how to code, and you do not want to learn, Suarespace is a good start. Wix even more so – but the result can be amateur.

I built Ian a site that we ran through a few prototypes and settled on a look – it is always up for change and it is good to work with Ian.

I have been with Andrew backhouse for several years, I’m a cinematographer in the film industry. Andrew is the most creative, collaborative artist.

His technical knowledge is next to none, only equalled by his art.

Ian M



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