Joshua Wilson Marketing

Using paid social media marketing strategies Joshua Wilson has been able to generate his clients thousands of pounds in recurring business revenue. His marketing strategies are always planned around the clients business goals and achieving a return on your investment. He asked me for a website; I delivered him one in 48 hours.


Visual Design, UX Engineer

Time Line

March 2021

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Interpret brief
  • Competitor analysis
  • Wire Framing
  • Build the thing
  • SEO the site

Project Overview

Josh needed a website to act as a digital HQ for his marketing outreach – he contacted me with a tight brief and I translated that in to a working website.

Untitled 5

Interpreting The Brief

Josh had a solid plan of how he wanted the site to behave – it was up to me to make the Visual Design work so that his vision could become real.

Josh’s brief was amazing – he had so many things that he wanted the site to be able to do. I took the brief and I showed him how to Blog afterwards. The site is all SEO’d an ready for market,

melinda gimpel 5Ne6mMQtIdo unsplash scaled

To get an understanding of the landscape I also compared and benchmarked  2 competitors (two direct competitors and two indirect), which served to highlight parts of the process that were so ubiquitous that I didn’t end up trying to reinvent the wheel with no real benefit to the user.

Defining The Problem

After gathering enough research data I began to cluster common themes, errors in past user experience and modes of thought to achieve what was needed.

post its scaled

Clustering the qualitative research data into groups showed consistent themes in user frustrations and friction areas. I saw regional level marketers efforts to help clients were well received, but that were frustrated by the breadth of choice. We needed a sleek site aimed for market domination.

Design Problems

My next step was to move into the design phase and to begin thinking about possible solutions. Research had shown that users had a strong mental model of what a marketer does, but not necessarily a Digital Marketer. So I primarily focused on optimising areas causing friction for users along the way.

Designing Solutions

My aim was to provide an intuitive, frictionless digital portfolio and HQ that offers new features for the specific use cases of returning customers and would-be clients, which research had shown were most common in terms of people shopping around.

screencapture joshuawilsonmarketing 2021 03 28 04 55 40

Home Page & Navigation

A welcoming set up was made so that people could see the site was a site for a digital marketer right from the Hero section. The navigation is a key factor here – nice and big along with Joshua’s contact details in every pages header.

screencapture joshuawilsonmarketing digital marketing 2021 03 28 04 56 03

Services Page

One page, one function – to show the range of skills that Joshua posses. Joshua is a digital marketer and there are a few around – he deals with the FB adverts that track you across the internet.

screencapture joshuawilsonmarketing about me 2021 03 28 04 56 23

About Page

The man, the myth, the legend. Joshua is a one man agency – so, we needed to market the man as well as his skills. This About Page is one I am very proud of.

Next Steps

If time had allowed I would have loved to created a page per service, as opposed to tying them all up in one page.

I would love to do a bit more competitor research to see what the water is like but we were pushed for time and there was a pressing need to get the site live and registered with Google for when Lock Down 3.0 lifts.


Joshua is a hard-working, good lad – I am happy with this build and I will be using Joshua’s services in the not to distant future.

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