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Julian Varley is described as a bespoke electrician; he works on the types of builds that you see on the television programme, Grand Designs. He is qualified and I designed his logo, too.


I was pretty much given free reign on this build – Julian needed a site to showcase his love of design, a site that was visually stunning. He realised I knew about web design so he let me get on with what I was doing.

Time Line

May 2022

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Testing
  • Researching competitors
  • Liaising online and in person
  • Gathering feedback by email
  • Exploring contemporary web design
  • Delivering a visually stunning website

Project Brief

Julian found me through Three Best Rated for ’22.

He saw I knew my design onions and he wanted a visually stunning website that conveyed his love of good design.

I was to update the website for him as he went along.

Julian was assured by my portfolio that I should take the lead – but I was not going to build him a website and just hand over; I worked with Julian showing him several versions of the build and keeping him up to date on developments along the way.

I built this site all in a browser – relying on feedback from the owner. The feedback was mainly online between Julian’s jobs.

I was allowed to take the lead on the build, with Julian advising and chipping in.

It is a WordPress website and Julian took out a maintenance plan so that I can update the site, keep it safe and make sure that it is backed up.

Designing Solutions

Julian needed a digital presence that acted as a calling card – he needed to legitimise his business and secure a piece of digital real estate so he could be found online. Currently, the SEO of the site is fair to good and he is being found for his keywords.

Next Steps

A website is never really put to bed – Julian took out a maintenance package with me, so I am updating the website every week. There are always new reviews to type up and I need to stop the spam. 


We took our time on this website and the quality shows. We did have a few issues with the copywriting, but we sorted that out collaboratively. It is now primed for good SEO and is an elegant design solution for a bespoke electrician.

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