Left-Hand Scrawl Regular

Introducing “Left-Hand Scrawl”

“Left-Hand Scrawl” is not just another script font. It’s a reflection of the designer’s own handwriting, capturing the essence of individuality and personal touch. Designed devoid of any historical impositions, this font is a true representation of contemporary artistry.

Modern Craftsmanship

Using the finesse of a digital pen on a tablet, “Left-Hand Scrawl” captures the nuanced strokes reminiscent of a pencil. Each letter is a testament to modern design tools, ensuring the font’s adaptability and crispness across mediums.

Versatility in Design

Designed for the modern world, “Left-Hand Scrawl” is a perfect fit for both print and web platforms. Whether you’re looking for a unique touch for your brand or a standout design for your website, this font cuts through the noise. It encapsulates the spirit of the 21st century, making a statement with every use.


  • Font weight: Singular, ensuring consistency in design and readability.
  • Character set: Latin alphabet, covering a wide range of languages and use cases.

A Signature Creation

Join the ranks of discerning designers and brands who value authenticity and originality. “Left-Hand Scrawl” isn’t just a font; it’s a story, a personality, a statement.

Invest in “Left-Hand Scrawl” and let your designs speak volumes.

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Try The ‘Left-Hand Scrawl’ Font

My Handwriting

Handwriting is a deeply personal expression, as unique to an individual as their voice or fingerprint. Each curve, loop, and stroke is a subtle testament to one’s experiences, emotions, and idiosyncrasies. Much like the subtle nuances in speech, the slant of a letter or the pressure exerted on paper can convey mood, intent, and personality. Over time, one’s handwriting evolves, reflecting the journey of growth, change, and maturity. It’s a visual diary, capturing fleeting thoughts and deep-seated beliefs, making it one of the most intimate imprints we leave on the world.

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A Personal Touch

“Left-Hand Scrawl” can be sue in Print or on the web – the idea was to create a font that cuts through the noise.

This is meant to compliment 21st Century Design.

A Versatile Canvas for Your Ideas


“Left-Hand Scrawl” is not just a font; it’s an embodiment of individuality. In a digital age brimming with impersonal typefaces, this font stands out with its raw, genuine touch. Created from the personal handwriting of a seasoned designer, it captures the intimacy of a handwritten note, combined with the precision of modern design tools.

Embrace the Art of Lettering


When you use “Left-Hand Scrawl,” you’re choosing a font that speaks of authenticity and originality. It’s perfect for projects that aim to make a personal connection with their audience, be it a heartfelt letter, a unique branding campaign, or a website that wishes to differentiate itself. By downloading “Left-Hand Scrawl,” you’re not just choosing a typeface, but an emotion, a statement, and a signature touch that can’t be replicated.