Nylund – Your Font, Based On An Artist

Unleash Creativity with a Brush of Clay

Welcome to a world where typography meets ceramic art, a blend of Nordic aesthetics with clay textures – a world where each character is a piece of sculpture. We proudly present Nylund, a font inspired by the iconic work of a Swedish ceramic artist called Gunnar Nylund.

Nylund is more than just a typeface – it’s an embodiment of creativity, passion, and craftsmanship.

The Story Behind Nylund

Gunnar Nylund, a ceramics artist, was exposed to various art forms at an early age thanks to his artistic parents. This exposure greatly contributed to his multi-disciplinary abilities and clearly served his varied career within the decorative arts well. Although he initially studied architecture in Copenhagen, he left these studies to accept a permanent position at the porcelain factory Bing & Gröndahl. It was there that he met Danish ceramic artist Nathalie Krebs, with whom he would go on to develop his own innovative range and, later, the workshop ‘Saxbo’ in 1930.

His experimentation with new forms greatly impressed Rörstrand, who appointed him as Artistic Director in 1932 until 1955. Following this period, Nylund took the role as Artistic Director of Strömbergshyttan glassworks while still freelancing as a ceramic designer. Although Nylund’s body of work in glass is much less than that in ceramic, it is clear that he also excelled in the medium creating timeless elegant vessels in beautiful colours.

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Try The ‘Nylund’ Font

Typography Crafted with Clay

Every glyph in Nylund is crafted with precision and care, each character formed from angular, clay blobs that provide a touch of rawness and authenticity to your text. It adds depth, texture, and a distinct visual appeal to your designs. With Nylund, every word becomes a personal artistic statement, every sentence a crafted piece of pottery.

Imbued with Nordic Charm

Just as the Scandinavian environment deeply influenced Gunnar Nylund, the ceramic artist who inspires this font, it also carries traces of its Nordic roots. The angular blobs of clay are reminiscent of the stark lines and stark beauty of the Nordic landscape – a subtle ode to the style’s origin.

A Versatile Canvas for Your Ideas


Nylund is versatile enough to work well in a range of applications – from striking headlines and bold posters to evocative logos and creative branding. With this font, you can evoke the emotions of rusticity and sophistication, infuse your design with character and style, and stand out in the crowd.

Embrace the Art of Lettering with Nylund


Using Nylund, you are not just typing – you are creating. Each stroke of a letter is a stroke of an artist’s brush, each word a ceramic artwork. We invite you to explore the artistic possibilities of Nylund, and let it spark creativity in your every project.

Experience the extraordinary with Nylund, where each letter is a masterpiece.