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As it claims on the front page of www.andybackhouse.com, this site, I am in a band – we are having a bit of luck with it in the charts, being at No.3 in the Beatport Reggae Charts. Not bad. We have now now got a radio show and need some Roots Conversation Graphics.

Off the back of the band – I have been invited to present a radio show on Vibezurban Station, in Huddersfield. A specialist reggae radio station. It is an honour.

I was asked by ‘Mighty General’ the manager of the station to have a go at the artwork to promote the show – and he christened me ‘Tubby Digits’ at the same time.

I had to create a banner that would show the fun-time nature of the show – this banner has been described as a “fun initial impact” with the plain fonts stood there, next to the – frankly ridiculous – colour-font. Much like a sensible brother stood next to his tie-dye t-shirt wearing sibling.

However, the show is syndicated and has been going for a matter of months (three months if I am correct). The placeholder image for the show was required from the outset. So I had several drafts that I have been experimenting with but was getting a bit restless. You can listen to show twelve to the left.

With the christening of myself with my new nickname, Tubby Digits, I had the excuse needed to replace the artwork on all of the previous shows – it is just the square image that pops up on your internet player when you tune in to my show. Here it is –

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