Screen Time

~ A Mini-Site For An Album Launch.

Being a multi-professional creative, I like to keep my hand in many things – one of the things I do is I run a record label. Focused Silence has a new release out and Ed, the artist, asked me to create a site to promote the album – to give it a bit more publicity and to help people hunt it down.

In many ways this was another dream job – I sort of set myself the parameters within the build and I flexed as much as possible to build the site. Ed seems to be happy with the thing, as the above quote attributes.

Through a process of zero overhead vendors I built the site using HTML and a text editor. The initial, trial build was hosted on Github until the domain name was secured. It was just a case of uploading the files to my server after that.

The domain runs through Cloudflare – this anonymises the IP and makes it a bit more secure against brute force attacks.

CRACKING work, the mini site is breath-taking. I’m humbled.
After a day from hell with a little girl who WOULD NOT NAP, this is wonderful to open up.
I think the artwork looks great, love the embedded track and you’ve selected a great bit of text for the bio/description.
Ed L



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