Pricing For An SEO Campaign


SEO Pricing in Harrogate; if you are employing someone to help with Search Engine Optimisation – there really in no such thing as a “Freelancer” – I would be in for a long-term commitment.


A Local SEO


The results of a stable SEO Campaign will take time – there will be some instant Local SEO results but to see proper results, I will need to work with you for a minimum of 8 months.

I will need to have access to your website, at the back end and have the necessary permissions to make slight changes to the wording and the copy on your site. Because, after all, Content is King!

My SEO Pricing

The question “How much is a is a decent, long-term SEO Campaign?” can only be answered once the details are in place and after both parties understand the scope of the project. The big thing to remember here is that a professionally managed website is an investment, not a cost. Sounds like a cheesy tagline I know but for many of our clients, the websites we build are the lifeblood of their business and can be yours too. What would you do with a site that was on the front page of Google?

Andrew Backhouse Design got my record label’s website to the top page of Google for most search terms it is relevant for.


Focused Silence

Because 90% of my business comes through my website, I needed a site that ranked high on the Search Engine Results Page – this is exactly what Andrew Backhouse Design did for me.


Creao Studo

In a saturated industry I needed a site that stood out from the crowd and get noticed – Andrew Backhouse Design gave me this and he is a pleasure to work with.


The Parish News

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