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If you’re a smart business owner or an ambitious entrepreneur, you’ll know that a good logo is more than just a pretty picture. It’s a powerful tool that, when done right, can boost your profits. It does this by targeting the correct market, sending out the right messages, and setting you apart from your rivals. At Drew A Designer, I’m all about creating logos that work hard for your business. I use a goal-focused approach to create professional logos. These aren’t just visually appealing – they’re designed to meet your strategic objectives and make a strong, lasting impression.

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freelance logo designer
freelance logo designer
freelance logo designer

What’s the process for creating a brand identity?

I use a goal-oriented approach to logo design. This ensures that the final logo accurately reflects your business and appeals to the right audience.

To start, I will work with you to establish a clear set of goals. This helps me make design decisions that ensure the final logo serves its purpose and adds value to your business.

During the design phase, I will explore many potential directions. However, I will only present the ideas that best align with the agreed-upon goals.

Next, I will prepare a formal presentation document. This document displays each logo design individually, along with images showing the design in use. This helps you envision the identity in a real-world setting. Ian also includes notes with each option to explain how the objectives have been met.

The logo presentation document, along with my advice, will help you choose the most suitable logo for your business. This also gives you confidence that the logo designed for you will be effective.

Once the logo has been agreed upon, the artwork will be refined and finalised. A set of logos will then be created for you to use across web and print. You will also receive full copyright ownership of the final logo design, so you can use your new logo freely and without concern.

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What do you get?

Once the logo is finalised and paid for in full, I will provide you with a comprehensive logo kit in various formats. These files are perfect for both digital and print use. You’ll also gain full copyright ownership of the agreed final logo design.

To make sure your new logo is adaptable and you have everything you need for the future, the logo kit will include different versions of the logo. In addition to the full colour version, the kit will also contain various arrangements. This includes single colour versions (both black and white), as well as a Pantone version for consistent colour and cost-effective printing.

The file formats provided will be in scalable vector format (Ai, EPS, PDF and SVG) as well as raster-based images for online use (Jpeg and PNG).

Alongside the digital files, a guideline document will be provided. This will help you understand how to use the logo files. If at any point you have questions or need guidance with the files, Drew will be more than happy to assist and support you.

If needed, other file formats not mentioned above can be added to the kit upon request.

Your logo design package will include the following files:

  1. CMYK version – This format is for full-colour printing using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. It’s suitable for printed materials with full-colour images. Provided in vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format.
  2. Pantone colour version – ideal for single-colour items like literature, pens, and stationery, where print costs are limited or precise colour application is needed. Provided in vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format.
  3. Pure black version – a black-only version of your logo, perfect for black and white or single-colour documents. Provided in vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format.
  4. Pure white knockout – a white version of your logo for use on dark backgrounds or photos, ensuring visibility and good results. Provided in vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format.
  5. RGB version – for screen colours, which are made up of red, green, and blue. Your logo will be provided as an optimised JPEG, transparent PNG, and SVG (a vector version for digital use).
  6. Favicon – a 32 x 32 favicon of your logo for use on your website.
logo design company  example
freelance logo designer
freelance logo designer
freelance logo designer

A bit about me

Drew a designer: Harrogate, UK-based brand identity specialist

I am a professional logo design service with nearly a decade of graphic design experience, operating out of Harrogate, North Yorkshire. As a modernist-inspired logo designer, I am driven by a passion for brand identity design, with the aim to create awe-inspiring logos that align with strategic objectives.

I am confident in delivering the ideal custom logo for your business or product, setting it apart from competitors and targeting the right market. This ensures your business makes a powerful first impression, providing the best opportunity for growth.

Every logo designed by myself is crafted with care and passion, following a refined design process. This guarantees effective results, giving you the confidence that the identity designed for you will withstand the test of time, and perform for your business now and in the future.