A Corporate Identity Expert

I’m a corporate identity expert and I assist businesses in defining their unique style. This involves working on things like your business logo, colours, writing style, and other design features. The more polished and unique your company looks, the more it stands out, leading to better recognition. I have extensive experience in logo designing and understand how crucial it is for all facets of a business to have a consistent look. This consistency helps in reflecting the true essence and values of your company. With my assistance, your business can set itself apart and make a lasting impression in people’s minds.

corporate identity expert
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What Does Corporate Identity Mean?

Being a corporate identity expert, I help your business portray its best image to the world. It’s somewhat like picking out the best outfit for your business to wear. Your business values and operational style define your company’s persona.

However, corporate identity focuses more on the outward look of your business. This includes your choice of colours, your logo design, and even your advertisement style. It’s kind of like the face of your business. Just like people remember faces, they also remember the visual impression of a business. So, having an attractive and unforgettable appearance can greatly help your business stand out and be remembered.

Why is Branding Important?

As a corporate identity expert, I would tell you that the main purpose of corporate identity revolves around giving your business a consistent look that’s easily recognisable. This involves elements like your logo, brand colours, and other design features that make your business distinctive and memorable.

Having a consistent look for your company across all platforms allows you to control how people perceive your business. While individual experiences form people’s opinions about your business, a consistent and striking appearance can positively influence these opinions.

Recognising the importance of a company’s visual appeal is critical if you’re thinking about refreshing or completely changing your company’s look. It’s important to take into account all elements that contribute to your company’s visual identity. As a designer who often works on logos, I can help create a strong and memorable corporate identity that accurately represents your business and connects with your target audience.

logo design services
logo design services
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Why Should You Care About Corporate Identity?

As a corporate identity expert, I can tell you it plays a vital role in your business. People often form first impressions of your company based on its visual presentation, even before they buy anything or interact with you. This includes the look of your website, signs, advertisements, and all other visible elements.

In today’s business world, hard sell tactics no longer work. Customers now have many options and like to research companies on their own. Instead of pushing them to buy, you can differentiate your business through its unique visual presentation and the message it conveys.

A Corporate Identity Expert In Yorkshire

However, just focusing on external looks isn’t enough. You need to keep a consistent image across all platforms like online, print, and in advertisements.

When we work together on your brand design, you’ll see your corporate identity come to life. This process includes brainstorming ideas, creating mood boards, and developing digital prototypes. Every detail, from your brand language to your colour scheme, is taken into account. This allows your company to consistently communicate its values without needing to constantly update your designs.

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freelance logo designer
freelance logo designer
freelance logo designer

How Can I Help You?

My job is to make sure that your company’s best attributes shine through its visual presentation. To do this, I need to understand what your company does best. That’s why I follow a two-step approach.

The first part is ‘brainstorming.’ In this phase, I’ll present you with different rough sketches that represent different concepts. After you’ve picked the ones you like the most, we’ll move on to the ‘implementation’ phase. In this phase, I’ll refine and enhance the chosen concepts based on your feedback.

During the process, we’ll collaborate to create ‘mood boards.’ These are collections of images and ideas that show how your company’s strengths have influenced my designs. They also give an idea of how your peers in the industry might perceive you.

Once you’re happy with our choices, I’ll start working on your brand design. I’ll continue to evolve the selected concepts, working with you until they’re just right.

By the time we complete our brand design journey, you’ll have all the elements you need to capture people’s attention and enhance your company’s position in your industry. As a corporate identity expert, my ultimate aim is to create a visual identity that not only reflects your business values but also resonates with your audience, ensuring your company stands out and leaves a memorable impression.

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