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Social Media Management

The adoption of social media by most businesses has left a lot of companies, both large and small, playing catch-up. This has led to a disconnection between their social brand and their over-arching brand – resulting in a waste of time and effort in social media. However, with correctly implemented Social Media Management (through Social Media Auditing) this can be turned around. So, what is a Social Media Management & Social Media Strategy? Simply put, it is how a company will incorporate Social Media into its business. A Social Media Strategy that is inline with the core values of your business can help your business:


Achieve Its Objectives

Drive More Web Traffic

Generate More Sales Leads

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A good social media strategy provides clarity and guidance on the proposed objectives and hoped for outcomes. It also helps with adherence to an over-arching policy across your organisation.

A Close Relationship With Your Audience


Establish Authority In Your Niche


Contribute To Over-Arching Business Objectives

Social Media Audit


All good Social Media Management starts with a Social Media Audit. If employed by you, I can conduct a Social Media Audit to see how effective your existing Social Media is. This includes understanding audience behaviour, competitors and trends. A Social Media Audit Involves: Audience Analysis, Internal Audit & Competitor Audit.

Audience Analysis & Internal Audits involves engaging with Statistics – I will analysis of your past Social Media engagement for the Social Media Audit. With this, I can see which social media channels are the most effective and which channels you will need to prioritise. This could actually involve you applying the bulk of your energy on outlets that you had not thought about.

‘Competitor Audits’ allow you to see which of your competitor’s social media channels are out-competing with yours, so you can streamline and make your efforts more worthwhile. A Social Media Audit can be summarised as –

What is your company adding via social media now vs. what you want your company to be adding on social media

Once you have conducted a Social Media Audit you will be able to set achievable goals for your Social Media Strategy. A unified Social Media presence will improve website traffic and increase your return on investment.

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