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Freelance Web Designer

I’m a Freelance Web Designer:: As a freelance web designer, I work from home. Working from home helps me by keeping overheads to a minimum – something that I like to pass on to my clients. I try and make web design thoroughly democratic; nobody should be excluded due to the cost of a project. Personally, I love Danish inspired, clean, crisp, minimalist web design. I use the latest in web standards to offer a steer on initial content and infrastructure – typically using a blend of low-overhead to zero maintenance architecture. Capable of overseeing the web design project from start-to-finish, without much input from you, I can work to a brief. I will work with you on the project until the project is complete. The method I use means that clients keep on returning to me to help them with all of their web-based projects.

I will build you a website that looks unique and looks natural on any device. But before you ever spend any money and before we ever lift a finger, we start with the most simple, yet most overlooked process of all …


I start by listening to you. It’s the simplest and most important step in the entire process. By listening and gathering information, I’ll be able to create a website that’s uniquely yours.

freelance web designer
freelance web designer


Once I’ve honed in on your vision for the site, I’ll collect all the key elements & features that will make up your website and present it to you in a simple, easy-to-understand package.


Now it’s time to get to work! Based on what I have learned in the previous steps, I’ll implement your design and I’ll be in constant communication with you to ensure I’m on board with the direction.

freelance web designer
freelance web designer


The design is complete, now it’s time for launch! Before your site ever goes live, it’ll be subjected to a rigorous audit and usability test to ensure everything is ready to go.

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