Web Design For Film Makers

Good web design creates the mood, atmosphere and context of a film through the expressive use of space, objects, forms and colour. I will interpret the film for the site, bringing all the visual elements together to create a story world. Ideas, imagination and ambition are pre-requisites for this career and I want to work alongside you.

Web Design For Film Makers

Almost every filmmaker knows that it’s important to build a website for your project. But how many of you know enough about programming or design to create a site that serves as a fitting representation of the project, let alone one that functions as a tool for both marketing and audience building? That is where I can help.

What will you get?

Prices start at £850.

As a guide, a responsive website with three or four information (profile, news, etc) pages and a gallery of 30 or so thumbnail images linked to larger images would cost around £850 inclusive.

The hosting of your Films are down to you – I recommend Vimeo. With this I will be able to create a bespoke calling card for your projects.

Get in touch,

If you have a project in mind, I
would love to hear from you.

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