Web Design For Health & Beauty

I have been creating and building websites since the late 90’s. In the website business technology progresses on a day to day basis. Make sure your website is fit for purpose for 2018. I can create a website for your business and work with you for a good conversion rate.

Web Design For Health & Beauty

Built With WordPress

With WordPress giving you, your very own dashboard that allows you access to the backend of your website


Using a highly developed, robust and well tested website builder. No pre-made themes. Hosted on green-powered servers in the heart of England – this means that UK visitors will load the site quicker.


Each web page is responsive to various device screens and mobile friendly. This means that it is mobile first design – friendly to mobile phones and Tablet ready too!


Do you want to take bookings on your website? I can build a system that will sync with Google Calendar and make your salon a digital hub.

What do I get?

Prices start at £450.

Typically, a website has 5 – 10 pages showing what you offer, maybe one or more project / portfolio pages, a testimonials page and a Contact page with a Contact Form. Booking forms can be built in.

Get in touch,

If you have a project in mind, I
would love to hear from you.

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