Web Design For Solicitors

Do you want to get more clients to your website? And the mystery behind this and the right strategies and techniques for you are where I really excel. The things that you need to consider are: is there a particular area of law you specialise in? Are you combining it with email marketing? Is it consumer based or business based leads you’re after? Do you use social media?

Web Design For Solicitors

Your website is your shop window. With over 2,000,000 searches on legal subjects in 2018 and the fact that over 80% of adults now go online, it’s clear that you need an effective online presence. But remember it’s not just about having a good website, it’s about what you do with it once you’ve got it that counts.

What do I get?

Prices start at £1250.

Typically, a legal brochure website has 5 – 10 pages showing what you offer, maybe one or more case studies, a testimonials page and a Contact page with a Contact Form. 

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