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The adoption of social media in Harrogate by most businesses has left a lot of companies, both large and small, playing catch-up. This has led to a disconnection between their social brand and their over-arching brand – resulting in a waste of time and effort in social media. However, with correctly implemented Social Media Management (through Social Media Auditing) this can be turned around. So, what is a Social Media Management & Social Media Strategy? Simply put, it is how a company will incorporate Social Media into its business.

A good social media strategy provides clarity and guidance on the proposed objectives and hoped for outcomes. It also helps with adherence to an over-arching policy across your organisation. It starts with an Audit – I will allow you to see what your company puts into Social Media vs what you want to get from social media.

Social Media In Harrogate

I can help small to medium-sized enterprises with their Social Media productivity. If employed by you, I could run an audit to see where you stand in the rankings. This will encompass Competitor Audits and to see how well you are/have been progressing.

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