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Unlock the Power of Sustainable Web Design with My Environmentally Conscious Solutions!

You may not think that browsing the internet would contribute to climate change, but actually the internet emits massive amounts of CO2 every year (around 4% of global emissions). That’s the same amount produced by the airline industry and this figure is expected to double by 2025. I can help you by making sure that your web design project is a climate neutral / positive as possible.

Step towards positivity


Changes to the business

I’ve lowered my carbon emissions as much as possible, using renewables to power my business, not driving but walking wherever possible. The small amount of emissions I produce are offset by planting trees through Ecologi and TreeNation.


Changes to my workflow

When it comes to designing and developing websites, I make sure that I follow the latest coding practices and ensure that the pages are as lean as possible to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible.


Choosing a responsible host

Once the website is complete, I will help you find a web hosting provider that is climate friendly. This involves making sure they are powered by renewables and that they have a strong focus on sustainability and ethical practices.

I am an environmentally-minded freelance web designer in Harrogate with a Carbon offsetting scheme
Planting trees every month with Eco Web Hosting
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