I have the good pleasure of knowing a nurse called Andy Dennis – his day job is at Harrogate District Hospital in the Endoscopy Dept. But, during times of crisis, he volunteers with Doctors Without Borders (MSF / Medicins sans Frontieres).

He is a bit of a hero of mine having, amongst other missions, helped battle the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone – of which he writes eloquently in his book co-penned with a colleague, Anna Simon.

I had the pleasure of being asked by Andy Dennis to host his site, www.andy4msf.com. The request to host his website came as a surprise.

See, Andy has set himself the massive task of raising £100,000 for MSF. No small feat. To do so, he spreads the word about MSF and the things that he does to help MSF by talking to local groups and meet-ups. Public Talks & speeches raise much need funds for the charity as well as raising the profile of MSF as a whole. The man is selfless.

Andy’s talks comprise of a slideshow, and a Q&A session, the compassion of the man is evident in everything that he does. I recommend that if you are part of a lunch circle or a group of people who “Do that”, then please consider inviting Andy to come to your meet-up to give a presentation.

You won’t regret it.

You can reach Andy at [email protected], and all of his contact details are available on his website, www.andy4msf.com. If you want to keep up to date with his efforts, then please take time to monitor his blog – he blogs regularly and concisely. It is the blog I hope to mimic.

If you have the time and inclination – and have got anything from this blog post – then please, all I ask is you drop the price of a pint of beer into Andy’s charity fund – after all, the man cycled across America with Tracey Hill. The 4001-mile cycle journey would be thirsty work for anyone – put the value of two pints into their kitty. You will save someone’s life.

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