Building A Website For A Local Radio Station

I have been involved, from the off-set, in the design and build of a website for a local radio station – it is something I am happy to put my name next to. The station is called Harrogate Community Radio and the URL for the venture is – we are still in the process of getting all of the DJs and hosts together. However, we are starting up something that will (hopefully) last a long time.

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The thinking behind the radio station in Harrogate is to try and unite a lot of the separate music scenes within the town – but, we are battling against apathy. We are attracting a lot of people will think “Yeah, would be cool to be in a band ….” but when the grind of rehearsals weigh them down and the endless repetition gets to them … do you see where I am coming from? But, taken from the website I made for the station …

Harrogate Community Radio is a grass-roots movement to give people in the local community a voice. To give everyone who feels under-represented a voice for change. The original ethos behind the Harrogate Community Radio movement is to unite the separate music scenes in Harrogate and bring about an umbrella for local producers, musicians, hosts and talent.

Harrogate Community Radio

Harrogate Community Radio Station’s site is a WordPress build – it is built using a customised layout – there is the opportunity to tune in live to the stream online or to listen again to the Podcasts of pre-broadcast shows. There is a self-updating schedule that works on a monthly rotation as some of the shows are every month.

You Must Be Upgraded
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Seeing I am the (only) designer working on the project, I am also tasked with the graphics for the design of the placeholders on the site for the radio shows. There is a segments on the site for the DJs to have bios and blurb about their show – it really is forming in to a loose collective fo sorts. It is all really rather exciting.

Harrogate Community Radio Logo

When I designed the logo, I wanted it to tell a story – much as I do with all of my logos. With the three interconnected circles it shows that out of many come one – a unity through a trinity of circles. The colours are the colours of Yorkshire plus the red of our founding fathers.

So, Harrogate will have a new radio station for the community by the community. We are still early in the adventure – but we have a test broadcast being streamed right now. So, if you want to tune in to the transmission just visit – hell, if you want to take us up on the open call for broadcasters, please read the Google Doc HERE and get in contact with the committee at [email protected].

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