Building A Website For Baby Castings

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A Couple of months ago (late July 2018), I was trying to get out of washing the dishes by looking at Facebook – one of the businesses I follow on Facebook is Crafty Chops Castings – Leeds. The proprietor, Marie, put out a call for web designers to get in contact. She needed help with a website for baby castings.

I fought my way up the ladder and rolled out a prototype of the new site – ready for Marie to see.

Whenever I build a prototype of a site, the prototype is always housed on a subdomain of my site. This allows me to work on it in relative anonymity and allows me to share my work with my client – so we can work together on the build with almost instant feedback. It cuts out all of the local builds and lets me sort the wheat from the chaff.

Crafty Chops Castings - Leeds

Marie, the proprietor of Craft Chops, had had a bad run with a giant in web design. She was a former client of Yell – I hope she has warmed to the way this Freelancer works and that she is now a priority. When you ask a big organisation to help with a website, you do not really matter to them – over the past eight or so weeks I have come to know Marie a bit better and that has allowed me to build her a better site.

The site was made using WordPress and all of the images on the site are taken by Marie. The wording was written up and all I had to do was cut and paste – the hard work was in making the images responsive. But, the site works on mobiles and laptops (it looks amazing on Tablets, like an iPad!).

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