The Hype vs The Help – 2021: Adventures In Content Marketing

My Adventures in Content Marketing are a big subject to tackle in a blog post – but, I will try and spill some secrets. A lot of people don’t know what Content Marketing is or what content marketing does. It can be boiled down to: if you have more Budget than Brains you go for Advertising. If you have more Brains than Budget you go for Content Marketing. It is The Hype vs. The Help. However, it is not just Blogging – it is the channels that you will use to get your content noticed. There should never be a ‘Post & Pray’ mentality.  It should not be about throwing the spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks.

adventures in content marketing

An Introduction: My Adventures In Content Marketing

You need to build your website for conversion. Think of the Blog-part of a website as the shareable Cheese and the funnel it directs your readers to at the end of the post is the mousetrap.

People share content (and this is a post about Content Marketing) but they rarely share adverts. You need to be creating shareable content or have a large advertising budget.

Content Marketing really levels out the playing field between the small local businesses and and the bigger corporations – it can help you get noticed and it can get people on your List (be this an actual email list or a list of acquaintances) ready to convert in to clients by getting them onboard your Sales Funnel.


This is the first of the channels to aim your content for. I am going to write about the three channels that Content Marketers need to function; Search, Share & Social.

Search; good ol’ SEO. And, long-tail at that. For example, if you are an authority on a type of microphone then please blog about that type of microphone.

This example-microphone blog post will tell Google that you are an authority on the subject in your town and that people can trust you to do your best. And, your content subscribers will end up trusting you to do the best for them, if it is good content.


The second of the channels. Love it or hate it, Social Media will outlast us all – in one form or another.

I am planning a post about ‘Meme Warfare’ in the not too distant future – but, it is Dawkin’s Meme Hypothesis and shareable content that it is what it boils down to. Adverts rarely go viral. Memes are slipping in to the psych of millennial culture and you need to act on it.

Create the type of post that is shareable.


This ties in nicely with the last point – if you have a newsletter for your shop then please ask me about incorporating in in to your content mission statement.

As a business, be ‘shareable’ – as I say, we are creating the cheese for the mousetrap and nobody chooses own-brand mild cheddar over Harrogate Blue (well, not that I know!).

Types Of Media

You need to become an authority in your field to earn the ‘Google Points.’ And the best way to earn authority is to undertake original research. 

Regarding the best type of media to tell us about this original research? Well, the format at the top of the list in asserting authority in a niche is Video.

When you can see someone explain their point it helps no end. The next in the pecking order in Podcasting – then it is the written word.

Viral videos are essentially a video that busts a myth.

Not All Articles Are Equal

A good tip to help a flagging article that has been lying on your blog, un-loved, is to re-write it. Simple; keep the URL the same as the original post and rewrite the post within your browser. Just edit the article with your newer head and repost it – it does wonders for your SEO.

Good advice is to take more time to share your primary content and create a sense of urgency. Keep sharing your blog posts with Call To Actions – A Call To Action is the method you use to onboard clients. After all, you are writing your blog for a reason, yes?

  • Re-write old articles that are not doing as well as you hoped.
  • Write in a Call To Action.
  • Hammer the social share on your best performing articles.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

Live Events: a live event is a great way to boost your content mission statement – it will get a lot more people on your mail out list, it will raise brand awareness, it will assert you as a local authority.

When Covid goes away, book a room; book a table at Major Tom’s and fill it with influencers. This will help you no end.

I reckon you do need a blog on your site. A blog is great for SEO and is part of the actual content that you share. But, the elephant in the room is how are you going to monetise it? Think of it as the bait for the trap. With a well designed website there will be clear Call-To-Actions (such as a sign-up form or a “Email Me” link where you expect them to be. If you have any questions about this Blog Post then feel free to reach out to me using this email address: [email protected] and I will get back to you.

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