Andy’s 3 Easy Steps To Win On Pinterest

If you’ve had the thought, “I must use Pinterest better” on your small business to-do list for awhile, you might have realised that you’re overwhelmed with all the information out there and you don’t know where to start. So, I have 2 secrets: 1; Moving forward with using Pinterest for your business is probably the #1 thing you can do this year to up your digital marketing game. 2; You can’t rely on Facebook anymore.

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There are 3 key steps you can take to start moving forward that are going to make a difference on Pinterest. They are easy and totally do-able. They start working on autopilot while you work on other pieces of your marketing strategy.

1 ~ Keywords In Pinterest

This is important and I keep on saying it to my clients – but it’s really the #1 thing you can do to get your Pinterest profile and your pins found. It should take you 10 minutes to find and list your keywords on Pinterest.

Go to your Pinterest home page and start typing in keywords and phrases that pertain to your products and/or services. The guided search bar functions just like Google search. As you type suggestions will appear and give you ideas for other search terms that you need to use.

Once you hit ‘enter’ on a keyword/phrases, a page of results will show. Under the guided search bar, a whole bunch of related keywords/phrases will show up. These are all clickable and can take you down the rabbit-hole of keywords on Pinterest.

2 ~ Find Your Unique Traffic Drivers

So, you have to make strategic decisions about how to spend your marketing time as a smart business owner.

Go to your Google Analytics and find what content (i.e. blogs) have been your top landing pages or traffic-drivers for the last year.

Instead of starting from the beginning in making pins for all of your content, start with your top performers so you can see traffic results from Pinterest more quickly.

If you want an amazing Google Anlaytics course to understand your website and user flow so much better, take a look at Jeffalytics.

3 ~ I’d Join Tailwind Or Buffer

Tailwind is THE tool for not only scheduling your pins, but scheduling your re-pins from group boards or your own feed.

You can set your schedule to pin however many times per day you’d like, and Tailwind will make suggestions for optimal times. Tailwind will also show you how the group boards you are a part of are performing so you can decide to stay or go.

Pinterest is not a “Get Followers” Game – It’s a get your content seen game! By taking action on the three steps above, you are going to be able to get your traffic and profile flowing while you work on other aspects of your business, like creating even more amazing content.

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