“So, Does It Matter How Many Pinterest Followers I Have?”

How do you know which metrics really matter when it comes to your Pinterest marketing strategy? One of my favourite things about Pinterest is it is definitely not traditional social media. Followers, likes, comments, etc. haven’t really mattered since 2014 and it’s truly the “introvert’s platform.”
"So, Does It Matter How Many Pinterest Followers I Have?"

Pinterest is a visual search engine that’s designed to get casual browsers to click through to your website – how refreshing is that? Last year, Pinterest introduced (or I should say, re-introduced) a Following feed as part of its interface.

Does that mean followers now matter on Pinterest? And what other metrics should I be paying attention to as an online entrepreneur?

A Quick History In Pinterest

Before 2014, Pinterest’s home feed was purely based on who you followed in chronological order.

In 2014 they introduced the Smart Feed, which is an algorithm-based feed determined by keywords and what you’ve pinned (or saved).

In the last few years, Pinterest has also introduced an Explore/Trending feed, and a Hashtag Feed.

Now Pinterest has Following Feed, which is essentially the original feed you would have seen way back pre-2014.

So Do Pinterest Followers Really Matter Now?

Yes and no!

The number 1 way to gain traction and traffic on Pinterest is still keyword.

On Pinterest, keywords get you found and graphics get you clicked.

That being said, now that there is a Following feed, followers do matter a bit in how your content gets distributed on Pinterest.

When you create a new or “fresh” pin on Pinterest, Pinterest will show it on your Follower’s feed first. How well that pin does with your Followers partially determines how much Pinterest will show it in the Smart Feed to everyone.

This means it’s important to build Followers that are interested in what your business is about (what your teaching, selling, etc) so they’re more likely to interact with your pins.

Ways to gain more followers on Pinterest:

There are few easy, common-sense ways to gain more followers on Pinterest:

Put a link to your Pinterest profile everywhere – email signature, website, etc. – there is on mine… Another good tip (for all social media) is to cross-promote – as in mention your Pinterest profile on other socials like Instagram.

Enable the “pin it” button on your site’s images.

What About My Pinterest Monthly Viewers Number?

You have probably seen the “monthly viewers” number on all Pinterest profiles… it is the biggest vanity-metric load of rubbish out there.

This number is a hodgepodge of your pins, re-pins to others’ content, impressions, and every other possible number Pinterest can track to inflate this view.

It has nothing to do with the success of your content strategy that you are using Pinterest to market.


If you come across a Pinterest marketing “expert” who is using their clients’ “monthly viewers” number to show you how successful they are – RUN.

So What Are The Pinterest Metrics That Matter?

At the end of the day, the only stat I recommend that you should care about about, to gauge the success of my Pinterest marketing strategy, is how many clicks I’m getting to my website. This is measured in Google Analytics.

There are lots of other stats about engagement rates, impressions, and re-pins that are useful for inspiration and ideas – but only a link click to your website is going to covert to a customer.

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