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A Comprehensive Guide To Instagram Reels

Hey 👋 – hope you are well? Today I hope to talk to you about sharing Instagram Reels. Well, what are they? They are short, 30 second videos that are starting to be used by brands and businesses – and, as a bonus, you don’t need to dance or lip sync in the video for the app!

comprehensive guide to instagram reels scaled

In fact, the videos are not for lip-syncing and dancing – they are for short, entertaining videos. Essentially, they are short-form video marketing. A marketer went and saw “Oh look, my audience is there!” so now businesses and brands are moving in to the platform.

Creating a short-form video on Instagram will grow your profile views and profile views are your audience – they will result in clients or sales. If your audience is there, is it worth overcoming your personal shyness to make a video?

Video is quickly becoming the default media on Social Media.

The secret with short-form video marketing is to find a way to make your business tangible – this will not just result in more Instagram followers. Followers convert to clients and customers.

What To Post As A Reel?

Are these adverts? No, they are a relationship building tool. I have to repeat that – Reels are a relationship building tools, not a sales tool. You will need to build relationships in a 1-2-1 way – always answer your messages.

Ask yourself how you should create content to build a relationship not as a way to sell.

Find a way to give value to a community and then when they see your offer they will go back to the value concept

Give value to your Businesses Instagram Reels through

  1. Tips & Hacks specific to your line of work.
  2. Make people laugh.
  3. Inspiration – for for your brand’s clients.

So, it is moving into an advice-based economy. But, show your personality

One thing I have noticed, thanks to the Remix feature, is that the posts to do with entertainment are shared more than tip based videos. This may seem like a waste of time, but it certainly builds up the trust factor. This in turn will increase sales because you have gained the prospective client’s trust.


Your Reels should be tip-based and entertaining – test, try and experiment?

There are lots of types of videos you could make. the easiest type of video you could make for Instagram Reels is a “Talking-Head” type of video. Here is how:

  • Talk facing the camera.
  • The very first sentence is a hook (this is a headline).
  • Keep he Reel between 10 and 15 seconds.
  • You could talk about very interesting facts about business.
  • You could address a problem.
  • You could talk about a solution.
  • You could talk about tips after your opening hook.
  • Don’t umm and aaah – talk direct and edit fast.
  • Please, no dead air at the start of the video – people will just scroll past.
  • Include a quick call action action at end. This could be “Follow this account for more tips” or “Share this video with those who need it”.

Another type of video you could make is the FAQ video – You could address a few questions you have been asked and deliver your answer in a 10-15 second video?

You could make a Before / After video of a project? Can you feature a current working project in a non-sales way? Celebrate your clients and how it helps people in such-and-such way.

When it comes to sales or promotions (flash sales) get your offer out there by making video on sales side especially if it is time sensitive.

I try and stick to the 80/20 Rule – 80% free value-driven post and 20% of sales pitches, coupon codes and discounts.

Hashtags, Captions & Titles in Instagram Reels

After you create the reel – choose your cover. When I make reels I will look at my business feed and I will then create a graphic that suits where is will sit in my feed and still be relevant for the video – maybe a quote?

One piece of advice is to not make the caption excessively long. You say all you need to say int he video, after all.

Advice About Subtitles In Instagram Reels

This is another reason why you should not have a slow opening to your Instagram Reel. After all, the Instagram app trained me to enjoy quick endorphin hits. If the video has a slow start then there will be just a video of a silent head and people will scroll past.

You should add subtitles of what you are saying or, even better, hook lines.

Instagram leaked that people should post 4-6 Reels a week to stay on top of the tide? However, I say you should only post as often as you can stay consistent. Choose your own rhythm – because consistency is the key. Instagram wants to know you are consistently creating content.

How To Get People To Your Website Via Instagram Reels

How get people to website from an Instagram Reel? Be creative!

Create video content and then show tips already in your feed and add a call to action at the end of the video “for the entire tutorial comment below with “🍎🍎🍎” and I will give you the direct link”.

Social Media is a relationship building toold between you and your followers. Followers become clients. It will let them know and trust you – all these videos will gain you reach. As you grow, monitor your DMs. This is where the sales start.

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