How To Have A Landline Cheaply

I hope to help you out with this post – it is to help with the day to day running of your business. 

As you can see if you look on Google My Business – I say that I have a landline, 01423 209002. But, really I do not have a landline. That is the burn.

Well, not really a ‘proper’ landline to speak of.

I have a VoIP Landline. VoIP is short for “Voice Over Internet Protocol” and the landline comes straight through to my mobile.

I have a package with Virtual Landline – sign up on their site and you can do the same. It is around £5 a month and you get to choose your number.

I have a constant landline number despite having moved house quite a few times. Plus, you have the ability to set the ring tone for the VoIP line. So, there is one iPhone / mobile type ring tone for incoming calls to my mobile number and also an old-style telephone ringtone for my VoIP / Virtual Landline.

It means that I know if I should pick up the telephone or not.

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