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I offer web sites that look natural on all devices. Mobile ready design means that the websites I design render correctly regardless of the viewing platform. Can you remember when you used to access a website on a mobile device? You could not see the text? Well, thanks to responsive design, the sites I build are capable of being read on a mobile device.

However, whilst it was legible, I was having a bit of an issue with DJ Scooby’s Sound Of Wonder site – the mobile landing page was cluttered and ineffective.

There was not a good conversion rate between people accessing the site on a mobile platform and actually listening to the show.

So, as you will see from the site I have edited the landing page a little – I have made it more of a mobile app than an information heavy webpage.

I have made it available to create an easier to navigate web-app for the show’s website. If you head over to and save the website to your home screen, the over all effect of the ‘slimming down’ is to have made the site a lot more easier to navigate, And, the conversion between people visiting the site and listening to the show have increased too.

Here is the landing page on a mobile device – to visit the site CLICK HERE.

sound of wonder mobile design

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