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*Takes deep breath.* I have been spurred on to write this blog post by a well-respected member of the Harrogate Photography Community, a make-up artist, and a mum and all-around great gal. She is called Michelle and she has become a bit of a mentor to me. Chelle and Simon Godsave have taken me under their wing and helped nurture me into what I am today – so – when they said it could be a ‘Good Thing’ to blog about this, I jumped at the opportunity. But, what am I blogging about? In this post I am blogging about my personal blog and its private theme.

I have a blog called Ijo Pona – regular readers of this work blog (here on Andrew Backhouse Design) will know that it is a bit of a testing ground for the more experimental code and design; a tabula rasa that will not be judged.

I have had another crack at the design of it.

The Parent theme is Divi but I have created a Child Theme (called Ijo Pona) that sits with it. A child theme allows my customisations to the site to go un-molested as the parent themes constantly need updating and can prove to be a bit of a nuisance.


But, why would it take encouragement from Chelle to say “Go write the Blog”? Socks. Socks are a factor – I call my banal ramblings “Ranting against Nylon Socks”. Now then, it is not actual rants against nylon socks – the “Rants against Nylon Socks” are a chubby man getting worked up over what could seem inconsequential to an outsider.

Ijo Pona is my collection of “Rants against Nylon Socks”. Nothing more than observations on developments in tech and Photographic Essays. Essentially a chubby man getting worked up over something that could seem inconsequential to a bystander.

Ijo Pona is available for you to look at here:

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If you have a project in mind,
I would love to hear from you.


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