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Redesigning The Parish News

I had a bit of a troubled nights sleep last night – no real big deal, it is something I have to live with. During the time I was awake, I spent it redesigning The Parish News. In fact, it was a complete re-branding.

Colour PNG

The first thing to change was the logo – please see above. I wanted the Mixcloud / episode banners to be different yet instantly identifiable as The Parish News. This was done by having a different image of flowers (from my time as a gardener) in the background and then the above logo planted on top. Here are some examples …

Then it was a case of tidying up the site to include a new background colour – I went with #333333. I admit I was probably tilting at windmills for most of the night – but I needed something to do and was not in the frame of mind to work on client’s sites – so this is what I got up to …

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