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Weekend Project: Poetry

I had a bit of spare time over the pre-birthday weekend. I figure I could do with a break, but when I enjoy designing things so much then my break will ultimately involve designing something. So, I have built myself a new website for an old project. I now have a podcast!


I seem to have come full circle, creatively. I started out by writing angsty verse, with a side-order of melodrama, when I should have known better. This in turn led to teaching English to Undergraduates in East Asia.

Both of which were a bit of a waste of time.

But, my respect and love of the written word has remained. And, I built a website for the project. You can see the site at – it is something to look at.

Nowadays, I write and then record Nonsense poetry as a podcast – avant-garde shenangians in the style of Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. It is proving a lot of fun and combines my love of listening to verse, audio technology and keeping out of mischief. I will keep on going with it for as long as I can – indeed, I am 7 Episodes in.


I am seven Episode of the podcast deep.These micro-poems are only weighing in at under a minute – it does not sound much, but, it is a feat to get them recorded. 

I use Creao Studio in Harrogate to record the podcast. Creao Studio is the best place to record things in Harrogate, if you know what you are doing and you want to be left alone. I built them a website, they are a past customer and their site is their main source of business.

If you want to see the website I have built for my Nonsense Poetry Podcast then head to I have embedded a player of one of the episodes above, hopefully that will not put you off and you will stick it out. If you have a passion project and you are in need of a site then please get in contact with me. I can be reached at my email address [given below] should you need me.

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