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by | Jun 6, 2018 | Web Design

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I had the pleasure of designing a website for Simon Godsave.

Simon Godsave Photography is the leading Commercial Photographer in Harrogate and the surrounding area – he has worked for Majors and Start-ups. He can deliver a constant grade of images – as an amateur photographer myself, I am quite envious of his portfolio. His food photography is exceptional and his beer photos – well, I was salivating.

What grabbed my attention was the fact that he wanted to show his personal photographs alongside his professional, commercial photography; this really showed the man’s passion for his craft. He was not just a jobbing photographer but someone who loved to photograph things. I neede to build a site that reflected that.

I was a pleasure to work with Simon on the build – it was a methodical and thought out build. Using WordPress we enabled a gallery of his images as well as a full-screen slider.

However, the load time was affecting the site on the full resolution images and the image compression plugins were dulling the vibrancy of the images – the reds were not showing up as well. So, we reached a compromise guided by myself – I put in a CSS Preloader on the site, much like this site. When you navigate around www.andrewbackhouse.design and Simon’s site you will see a small animation allowing the site to load in its entirety before you can see it. Here is the Preloader for Andrew Backhouse Design …

The images on the one-page site are embedded in a gallery with 0px Padding – this gives a continuous flow to the Gallery/Portfolio Page. The pre-loader ensures the images are uncorrupted.

I have created a vCard for Simon – available HERE – that gives all of his details, including a map, to your smart-device. These vCards I build ae allowing the swift transfer of details direct to your phone or computer as a vcf file.

To visit Simon Godsave’s site please click HERE.

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