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I was contacted by a good friend, Ms T, with regards to a possible passion project. Ms T is a keen sewist and she wanted a blog to tell people about her work; keeping her friends up to date with what she has been up to and creating a bit of a community.


Ms T. works as. a Business Analyst and we often bump in to each other in the pub. She is the partner of someone I consider one of my best mates, and she is a great friend in her own right. I offered to help with the design of a site for her, should she ever need one, and she took me up on the offer.

The website is in WordPress – all of the sites I build for Blogging are in WordPress. This is an eco-system that MsT. was familiar with, having run a site for a previous project of hers.

The remit behind Ms T.’s site, Pin/Cushion, is to share her adventures as a sewist.

There is the option to subscribe to the blog by email and there is a custom built Archive Page, much like the one I built for Brigg & Foss. This makes the website highly navigable and it is also highly shareable, at the same time.

If you head to the site, you will see what I have come up with. We will have to wait a good 4-6 weeks until the results of the SEO are in – but, I have every confidence that it will rank highly in the Search Results Page (SERP). If you are in need of a freelance web designer in Harrogate or North Yorkshire, or just need a fresh lick of paint on your site, then get in contact. My email address is in the footer of this post..

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